The Great Coffee Tour: Arriate

by afatpurplefig

Sooooo, Mary wants to drink an espresso every day in a different cafe while we’re away, in what we have named ‘The Great Coffee Tour’.

Sunday: Arriate


Our first cafe apparently wasn’t a cafe, but a self-proclaimed ‘fresh herb tea house’ and purveyor of dried flowers, the charming Arriate, close to home in Hongdae.

Mary had an espresso, naturally, and I had a darjeeling tea. Do I normally drink black tea? No, but I’d already polished off three Maxims, so I needed a change.

It arrived like this:


Arriate was sweet. Although it was definitely improved by the Kpop music blasting through the window from a speaker downstairs, and I’m not sure that was the effect they were going for.

Extra points for their commitment to theme.