A Fat Purple Fig

Finita la Musica

The music is over. The party is finished.



The History of Harlem


For our last day, New York decided to school us in cold. I had spent all week feeling over-confident about the weather (“it’s snowing, but I don’t find it too bad!), so I guess it was time to learn. The light jumper and scarf that had done the trick until now, was rendered entirely useless, as Eva and I scuttled down into subway for some warmth.

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Things I Have Noticed: New York


Jaywalking is the norm. If you see a gap in the traffic, however small, it is customary to rush across the road, inspiring others to rush with you, ignoring the red hand indicating that you should be staying put.

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Pastrami on Rye


Being the second-to-last day in New York, and of our entire holiday, I wanted to do as much as possible (did my legs have a limit?). I splashed out on tickets to Dear Evan Hanson at the Music Box Theatre in the evening, and decided the day should be spent exploring.

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