A Fat Purple Fig

Month: December, 2018

Enchanted Time


I needed a morning, so, after taking Mary to Fushimi-Inari for her Airbnb sketching experience, I negotiated 3 extra hours at Book & Bed, and settled in there, with a mystery pastry, an in-house coffee with whitener, and some peace and quiet. Did I say how much I liked Book and Bed? Everyone leaves in the morning, leaving you with the whole place to yourself.

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The Great Coffee Tour: Unir


Unir was an unexpected surprise.

We found it on the bottom level of a department store, which reminded me a bit of David Jones’ Foodhall. You see, I think Mary have moved beyond liking coffee, to needing it (shhhh!), so when she hasn’t had her daily dose, her eyes start wandering, on the lookout for her next double espresso.

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Comfort-Free Zone


We caught the shinkansen from Osaka to Kyoto and, to be honest, I was a little bummed that it only took 15 minutes, not only because it is impressively fast and smooth, but because you can’t really do anything but sit still, in the same spot, when you’re on a train. We haven’t been doing a lot of that.

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