The Great Coffee Tour: Unir

by afatpurplefig


Unir was an unexpected surprise.

We found it on the bottom level of a department store, which reminded me a bit of David Jones’ Foodhall. You see, I think Mary have moved beyond liking coffee, to needing it (shhhh!), so when she hasn’t had her daily dose, her eyes start wandering, on the lookout for her next double espresso.

‘I’m just going to duck over here and have a quick coffee’, she told me. When I saw she would have her work cut out deciding which one, I knew she was in good hands.


I noticed a few things while I was waiting. Firstly, the young barista ducked around from behind the counter to pour himself a quick cup from the tasting teapots, which meant they had to be pretty good.

Secondly, the coffee machines set into the bench aren’t like anything I’ve ever seen before. Unassuming, but somehow next level.

And, finally, I spotted this rather impressive sign.


‘Best coffee I’ve had on holiday so far!’, Mary declared, making me wish I ordered a latte.

Sometimes good things turn up in the most unexpected places. No doubt  we will be back.