The Great Coffee Tour: About Life

by afatpurplefig


Our first coffee in Japan was consumed at a little hole-in-the-wall in Shibuya, called About Life Coffee Brewers, a recommendation from Mary’s friends from work, Yuki.

It was a great day. We met up with our gorgeous friend, Kasumi, who played guide through the streets of Shibuya to find it for us. But not without first seeing Shibuya Crossing, where I apparently ruined the photo by zooming too much, thereby losing the effect of the crossing (I like my people up close).

About Life was terrific. I was impressed that they managed to do anything in such a tiny space, so managing the perpetual queue was a significant achievement.


Kasumi ran into a friend from school while we were here, who was with his now-pregnant wife. I think this little interlude contributed to the feeling that we were just locals, out for a coffee, running into old friends. It was really nice.

We went inside briefly, and found a selection of paper items for sale, made by a local artist, whose paper artworks can also be seen on the walls. I was quite besotted with the folded-paper squares (and circles, in particular, which were above the barista’s head), which grew progressively smaller inside each other. They were clever.


About Life had great coffee, great art, and great use of space, but being here with Kasumi, on our first full day in Japan, blew this one out of the water.

A notable tour entry.

about life